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Our Mission

The Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and care of native Australian wildlife. We strive to become Sydney’s hub for biodiversity conservation, education, and threatened species recovery. 



The Hills Wildlife Sanctuary (formerly the Kangaroo Protection Co-operative - KPC) was established in 1977 and has been caring for injured and orphaned native wildlife ever since. The Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on 35 acres of pristine natural bushland backing the Berowra Valley National Park, in Sydney’s northwest. The sanctuary is in a unique position to rehabilitate and home injured native animals in an expansive and protected bushland ecosystem.
With a skilled and highly experienced team of veterinarians, zoo keepers, wildlife carers and volunteers, the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is committed to the comfort, service and survival of all Australian native wildlife.
The mission of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is to provide;

  • A world-class rehabilitation facility for Australian native wildlife

  • A forever home and sanctuary for native wildlife that are unable to be released, including native animals retired from zoos or wildlife parks and rescued or surrendered native pets

  • An educational hub; to train wildlife carers and professionals from organisations across NSW, including service and volunteering opportunities

  • Wildlife and environmental advocacy through public education and conservation outreach

Numerous Australian native wildlife species and ecosystems are facing dire circumstances. Please support the work of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary to help ensure a future for our native wildlife.

Every donation to Hills Wildlife Sanctuary goes
towards the protection and rehabilitation of
native Australian wildlife.
Thank you for your generous support.

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